Black and White Wolf

Black and White Wolf

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Wolf is the symbol of solidarity, power and deep intuition.  Wolves are profoundly spiritual animals with a strong sense of unity. They work in harmony when they are in packs but at the same time have a strong appetite for freedom! Instinctive but yet an extremely sharp animal, the wolf is the representation of expressing our true selves, while keeping our spirit alive and pursuing our inner freedom.

What is there not to love about this gorgeous animal?

This amazing canvas set comes in 3 sizes::

Medium Size: (approx.)
2pcs 8" x 14" inches (20x35cm)
2pcs 8" x 18" inches (20x45cm)
1pc 8" x 22" inches (20x55cm)
Large Size: (approx.)
2pcs 12" x 20" inches (30x50cm),
2pcs 12" x 28" inches (30x70cm),
1pc 12"x 32" inches (30x80cm)
Now In Extra Large Size: (approx.)
2pcs 18" x 20" inches (45x75cm),
2pcs 18" x 28" inches (45x100cm),
1pc 18"x 47" inches (45x120cm)

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